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  • Provides essential closeness and contact to help you bond with your new baby
  • Two safe and ergonomic carrying positions: baby facing-in and baby facing-out
  • Perfect for newborns – no infant insert needed. From birth to approximately 12 months
  • Developed with pediatricians to give the proper support for baby's head, neck, spine and hips
  • Small, safe and easy to use – fits perfectly and securely with only a few adjustments

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BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original - Black, Cotton

From the manufacturer

Image says Close to Heart with Mother and baby in original carrier

Close to Heart – since 1973

We have believed in closeness for many years. As early as 1973, we launched our first baby carrier. It was designed to carry baby heart-to-heart to provide optimal closeness between baby and parent from birth. Today, the Baby Carrier Original is a treasured classic the world over. It also has a special place in our own hearts as it has grown into an entire family of baby carriers, allowing millions of children and parents to enjoy that essential closeness every single day.

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Easy to use. Baby Carrier Original is a small and easy-to-use baby carrier that is a perfect fit for your newborn baby. It fits parents securely and comfortably with only a few adjustments

Man holding baby in the original carrier

Man Clipping Baby into the Carrier

Woman with baby in the carrier original

Easy and secure – 24/7

The baby carrier is easy for you to put on and take off by yourself, which means you can use it at night too if you choose.

The smart safety click

Lets you know you’ve done it right. Thanks to the colored buckles and the smart safety click, it’s not possible to fasten the baby carrier incorrectly.

The two-part design

Allows you to lift your sleeping baby out without waking them. Just unfasten both side latches to open the front completely.

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Perfect for your newborn baby Baby Carrier Original is specially designed in collaboration with pediatricians to fit your baby from birth – you don’t need any extra insert or pillow

Woman leaning against a french door with baby in carrier

Friends drinking coffee with child in carrier

Friends hanging out with baby in carrier

Woman leaning against a door with baby in carrier

The sturdy and adjustable head support

Provides proper support for head and neck.

Ample back support

While legs and hips are held in an ergonomically correct position.

Upright position

Keeps your baby’s airways free and allows you to check on your baby’s breathing.

Free movement for arms and legs

Which develops muscles, motor skills and coordination.

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Man smiling with baby in the carrier

Baby Bjorn – Passion for the next generation, since 1961.

Baby Bjorn is a Swedish family-owned business that can be found in 50 countries throughout the world. We offer durable and practical products for children up to the age of three. The products we launch always meet the high safety, quality and style standards we set.

Our vision is to make everyday life easier for families with young children all over the world and to make those all-important early years even more fun.

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Product description

Color:Black, Cotton

Product Description

Baby Carrier Original is a small carrier that you can quickly put on and take off to carry your baby for short periods of time, both at home or outdoors

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By BabyBjorn


Black, Cotton, Dark Blue, Cotton

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